Too Many Meds?

If you think you are taking too many meds, you may be right. How does this happen? Temporary medications never get discontinued. Medications that never work, are continued for no reason. One thing leads to another and before you know it… you have too many meds. What can you do if you think you are […]

Healthcare Advocate

Healthcare Advocate: A Voice in Your Healthcare Journey

Why do I need a Healthcare Advocate? The healthcare system is complicated. It is busy. No one seems to have any time. What does that mean for you, the patient? It means, you need a healthcare advocate. Healthcare professionals are extremely intelligent. BUT…they are human. And busy humans at that. In that 5-minute assessment of […]


Organizing Your Care Part 3: Appointments

Appointments everywhere – its like herding cats Appointments galore and no secretary to tell you when they are or when they should be? No problem, just follow these simple steps. Make your follow-up appointments before you leave the provider’s office. Chances are that once you leave you will forget to call and make the appointment. OR […]


Organize Your Healthcare Part 2:

Healthcare documents pile up in a hurry. Get these tips on how to stay organized and remember your appointments!

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Organizing Your Healthcare: Part 1

Health documents get unorganized quickly. Get these tips to staying organized and onto of your health.